Where the River Runs Black


Aradia’s life was never easy. In a time when fire-haired women are feared, magic is forbidden, and children are sold into servitude, all she can do is hold onto her innocence. But when she comes of age, people start to see her differently, and not in the way she’d hoped. Even still, Aradia sees the beauty within nature, and the magic that could be. She often wonders if there is anyone left in the world, aside from herself, whose heart hasn’t iced over. Was there no one in Dornak who hadn’t been wholly consumed by their greed or lust? The truth may lie where she least expects it; and in a place beyond words.

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Sophia LeRoux is the full-time Director of Operations and Managing Editor of Kyanite Kiss. She’s also an avid writer of paranormal romance and fantasy. She is currently pursuing her MBA and enjoys farming, hiking, and discovering new places.

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