50 Shades of Neigh

by Stephen Coghlan

With the threat of World War 1 and its technological horrors looming, the heir apparent to the deadliest warrior kingdom, and home to honest-to-god Centaurs, must find a new path for her peoples before they are massacred in the trenches.

Journeying to America, she searches for a future free of death, but will her absence leave the kingdom vulnerable to her conniving siblings?

Genre: Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy Erotica

Length:Novella, approx. 150 pages

Publication Date: January 28, 2020

MSRP: eBook – $3.99 / Paperback – $13.45

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Hailing from the capital of the Great White North [Canada], Stephen Coghlan spends his days erecting buildings, and his nights reveling in the dreamscape. Since 2017, he has produced a myriad of flash fictions, short stories, novellas and novels, including, but not limited to, the GENMOS Saga, the Nobilis series, and has had his works read on podcasts and featured in anthologies.

Find out more about Stephen at his website.

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