Blood of the Desert by B K Bass

Blood of the Desert

by B.K. Bass

After he escapes from a life of slavery, the Taerwyn nomad Brego crosses the wastelands of Erimos. He must flee slavers, bounty hunters, and other more nefarious threats. As he seeks to shed the iron bonds of his youth, Brego treks across the Northern Peninsula in search of something he has never known: a home. In the process he finds something he never expected to find: a family. Allying with an assortment of unsavory misfits, Brego must fight his way across the Cressian Badlands to find the Taerwyn of the Great Salt Sea. Here, Brego seeks to rejoin the people of his blood.

The blood of the desert.

Genre: Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery

Length: Novella / Approx. 120 pages

Publication Date: Long form date

MSRP: eBook – $4.99

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I was thrilled at the level of world building that went on in this book. The setting is every bit as I imagined it would be with a dashing title like that, and the characters jump off of the page and into you head like you’ve known them all your life. Great read!!

The characters came alive and their adventures have you wishing for more. As in all his books his use of words describing the locations and the people are outstanding. I will definitely be wanting to read the sequel. Do yourself a favor and do not miss reading this book by B.K.Bass. Well ,really all of his publications are a must read. He is an up and coming writer not to be missed. Just hope he keeps the books coming as fast as he can. Thank you for giving us all such great adventures.


b k bass authorB.K. Bass is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror inspired by the pulp fiction magazines of the early 20th century and classic speculative fiction. He is a student of history with a particular focus on the ancient, classical, and medieval eras. He has a lifetime of experience with a specialization in business management and human relations and served in the U.S. Army. B.K. is also the  Editor-in-Chief of Kyanite Publishing and the Kyanite Press journal of speculative fiction, and the Writing Department Chair for Worldbuilding Magazine.

Find out more about B.K. at his website.

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