Blood Shadow

A Vera Shadow Mystery

by Enkelli Arn Robertson

Vera Shadow, private detective, is used to taking on the more unusual cases. Demons and vampires are no stranger to her, but when a mysterious woman hires Vera to find a missing college student she finds herself on a case with more layers of secrecy than she expected. The trail leads Vera from the dormitory of Dorwich Institute of Magic to a seedy nightclub, and from an upscale penthouse to the docks. Little does she know, the rabbit hole goes deeper than she thinks.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Noir, Hardboiled Detective

Length: Novel / Approx. 170 pages

Publication Date: May 24, 2019

MSRP: eBook – $5.75 / Paperback $11.75

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I love the author’s writing – it is well-done, in a noir-like manner. HIs descriptions of various settings are detailed so you feel that you are right there. This is Speculative Fiction, the first from this young author. I look forward to reading more of his books in the future!

EAR-Headshot2Enkelli Arn Robertson is a speculative fiction author who tells the truth by writing lies.  He enjoys spending time in his own worlds, which he sometimes invites others to visit. He is an avid student of military history; which often informs his writing. He is also a tabletop gamer with interest in numerous role playing games and miniature war games.

Find out more about Enkelli at his/her website.

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