By Immortal Honor Bound

Of Alchemy and Angels: Book One

by Danielle Ancona

Malachi is torn between duty and love in a conflict unbound by time. Laurel is a genetic researcher discovering her own legacy transcends myth and legend.

The lines between science and the arcane are blurred as Malachi and the immortal guardians—a legion of divine warriors sworn to protect humanity—battle through the ages to fulfill their oath.

But as history unfolds amid war, political strife, and civil upheavals; will Malachi stay true to his oath, or chose love over duty? And will Laurel discover the true nature of reality is one Of Alchemy and Angels?


Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural Fantasy, Intrusion Fantasy, Alternate History

Length: Novel / Approx. 300 pages

Publication Date: TBA

MSRP: eBook – $7.99 / Paperback – $16.99 / Hardcover – $29.99

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closed mouth Danielle Kyanite Pic Dec '18 - croppedDanielle Ancona is a passionate author, wife and mom; and an accomplished oncology care team member. “Carpe Diem!” is a mantra for Danielle as she strives to live life to the fullest. Her and her husband are avid cyclists. Danielle loves a great play, a good cocktail, a warm laugh and fellowship. She is diligent in her labor of love with writing; hopeful and intent on being a full-time author in the not-too-distant future.

Danielle is currently venturing into the realms of fantasy with her series “Of Alchemy and Angels”. She has and is currently contributing novelettes to romance and erotica anthologies.

Find out more about Danielle at her website.

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