Citizen of Earth

by Joseph Kassabian

Vincent Solaris is a teenage malcontent who barely graduated from the Detroit District Six School of Ethics. His unplanned future changes dramatically when he is arrested and charged with crimes against the Central Committee. Rather than being put to death, he is sentenced to three years in the Earth Defense Forces.

Relieved by this twist of fate, Vincent is sent off to train at the local Replacement Depot. But any dreams of him lazing away his years of servitude are shattered when an alien horde called the Alliance attacks. On their way to the harsh killing fields of war, Vincent meets Fiona, a Martian gangster serving a life sentence. Together, they must find a way to survive against the most terrifying foe humanity has ever seen.

Genre: Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction

Length: Novel, 300 pages

Publication Date: May 17, 2020

MSRP: eBook – $7.99 / Paperback – $16.50 / Hardcover – $29.50 / Audiobook – $18.99

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The book all came together in a really captivating, fun, and adventurous manner that made at a thoroughly enjoyable read. I would definitely add this book to my list of science fiction novels to recommend to people. Kassabian did a wonderful job, and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

Such a fun read that I read it cover to cover in one go and can’t wait for the next one. From start to finish I was completely absorbed thanks to great characters, pacing, world building, and action. I can really tell that Joe put his heart into this book, especially through Fiona. Although Vincent may be the protagonist it is definitely Fiona who steals the show with her biting wit and determination.

This book has great action, solid pacing, and good characters. I eapecially like the Mawr and their Ritens. I can’t wait for the next book, and seeing where things go from that ending!

The character design is well thought out and the battle scenes are engaging and chaotic, with a realistic feel that can only come from the mind of someone who lived it. The last few chapters flash by with the help of excellent pacing and when you get to the end all you can think is: when’s the next book?

Joseph Kassabian served 8 years in the US Army and multiple tours in support of the Global War On Terror. After he got tired of getting yelled at for wearing the wrong hat, he exited the Army to pursue a career in writing. He has used the bitter, jaded, and sarcastic sense of humor that he learned in the ranks and turned it into books, articles, and a podcast. Joe spends his time with his dog in the Great Moist Northwest while screaming at a laptop screen.

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