Dead Boat

by Anthony D. Redden

The year is 1726 and Harvey, a young Fishmonger’s son, is awaiting his death upon the gallows. His fortune changes when he is offered a last-minute deal that could win him a full pardon and a new life in England. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. Harvey is about to get a harsh lesson in life aboard a ship surrounded by convicts. Worse yet is the cargo they carry – the corpses of 316 English soldiers. When a powerful blood curse starts to bring the dead to life, the crew of ‘The Charon’ will wish they had stayed to face the executioner.

Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Alternative History, Supernatural Horror, Zombies

Length: Novelette, approx. 80 pages

Publication Date: October 26, 2018

MSRP: eBook – $4.75 / Paperback $9.85

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Redden has crafted an entertaining introduction to a much larger story, and the potential seems limitless. He handles his characters well, and while there isn’t enough space in the novelette to allow any real development, he exhibits a skill that promises big things. Dead Boat is filled with grisly imagery, but the most prominent feature of the tale is the unanswered questions. I can’t wait for Redden to sate my hunger for answers with bloody gobs of fetid meat! And, you know…more zombies.

Just finished what is the first of a trilogy. Fantastic story that really gives a sense of the setting and time period. A tense and gory story and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Recommend to horror fans everywhere!!

Anthony D Redden is a writer of dark fiction, specializing in horror and YA science fiction novellas. He lives in a small village in the heart of England with his wife, three children and two cats. He holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Teesside University, writes movies reviews for, and is part of the editorial team at Bandit Fiction. He is a big fan of horror movies, science fiction and coffee.

Find out more about Anthony at his website.

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