Dead Town

by Anthony D. Redden

Book Two of The Dead Trilogy

When a blood-soaked lifeboat reached the coast of England, nobody could have realized the horrors it brought with it. The port town of Penzance has long been a notorious place of refuge for smugglers and pirates, but it is about to bear witness to a whole new form of horror. For when the dead take to the streets of this thriving metropolis of sin, nobody will be safe. Might a young homeless girl hold the key to unlocking the mystery behind the blood-cursed pendant? One thing is for sure, you had better…start…running.

Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Alternative History, Supernatural Horror, Zombies

Length: Novelette, approx. 50 pages

ISBN: 978-1-952152-00-9

Publication Date: February 18th, 2020

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Anthony D Redden is a writer of dark fiction. He has lots of short stories and poems published in various anthologies and magazines. He lives in a small village in the heart of England with his wife, three children and two cats. He is currently undertaking a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Teesside University, and is a big fan of Horror, Science Fiction and coffee.

Find out more about Anthony at his website.

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