Dead Boat

Dead Boat Series – Book One

Anthony D Redden

The year is 1726 and Harvey, a young Fishmonger’s son, is awaiting his death upon the gallows. His fortune changes when he is offered a last-minute deal that could win him a full pardon and a new life in England. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. Harvey is about to get a harsh lesson in life aboard a ship surrounded by convicts. Worse yet is the cargo they carry – the corpses of 316 English soldiers. When a powerful blood curse starts to bring the dead to life, the crew of ‘The Charon’ will wish they had stayed to face the executioner.

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Given a choice between the noose and a deadly voyage, six men set sail on a ship full of corpses. They expect their passengers to be a quiet crowd, but were they wrong?

MSRP: $2.85

Release Date:October 26, 2018

Formats Available: ebook.

ISBN:  978-1-949645-05-7

Genres: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Alternative History, Supernatural Horror, Zombies

Length: Novelette – Approx. 50 pages.

Praise for Dead Boat:

“Redden has crafted an entertaining introduction to a much larger story, and the potential seems limitless. He handles his characters well, and while there isn’t enough space in the novelette to allow any real development, he exhibits a skill that promises big things.

Dead Boat is filled with grisly imagery, but the most prominent feature of the tale is the unanswered questions. I can’t wait for Redden to sate my hunger for answers with bloody gobs of fetid meat! And, you know…more zombies.”

Chad Christy on Amazon – 5 Stars

“I put off reading this because the only time I had to do so was in bed, in the dark… I am now going to dream of zombies.

This one is gross and wonderful. Lots of gore and chomps. You know you’re in for a treat when there are corpses on a boat and a magical amulet-like stone bringing the dead to life.”

H.A. Lynn on Amazon – 5 Stars

“This is a great little [novelette] for a lazy afternoon when you want some chills! Looking for a tense, high sea gore fest? Then this is the book for you! Redden doesn’t mess around when it comes to his vivid descriptions of the horrors that occur on the Charon!”

Pam M on Amazon – 5 Stars

“This is a delightful tale of horror on the high seas with a beautifully descriptive narrative.”

Crystal Kirkham on Goodreads – 5 Stars

“Not my favorite genre but it still grabbed me. Creepy and gory, it got my attention and ended far too soon. Very well crafted and a fun ride.”

Willie Handler on Goodreads – 5 Stars

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Anthony D Redden is a writer of dark fiction. He has lots of short stories and poems published in various anthologies and magazines. He lives in a small village in the heart of England with his wife, three children and two cats. He is currently undertaking a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Teesside University, and is a big fan of Horror, Science Fiction and coffee.

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