Forgotten Storm

by A.R. Vagnetti

Blues singer Nicole Giordano is terrified of a past she can’t remember. Moving from town to town, always looking over her shoulder. When her only comfort, the beautiful and sexy Logan Moretti who haunts her dreams claiming to be her Guardian suddenly appears on her doorstep, it triggers an explosion of suppressed memories: her mother’s hatred, her father Dimitri’s abuse, the existence of Other species, and her ultimate destiny, a prophecy foretold hundreds of years ago.

With the help of their friends, Nicole and Logan fight to stay hidden until the prophesied time, when she will come face to face with her greatest fear, all the while struggling to control their raging desire. A desire that, if unleashed too soon, could destroy them all.

Genre: Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy Erotica

Length: Novel, 255 pages

Publication Date: September 6, 2019

MSRP: eBook – $6.85 / Paperback – $16.85 / Hardcover $29.85

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Phew, after I finished, I had to step away from the book and just breathe. It was that good! Like going on a mind-blowing adventure, I was glued to it. It had my heart beating faster, shock made my mouth open on occasion and every page or two I burst out laughing.

Let me just tell you right now that this book is hot. HOT. The beautiful magic in this story drags you in deeper and deeper. The eternal fight of good versus evil doesn’t come in black and white. There are all these dark gray areas that bleed into the real world, causing chaos and pain.

This was such a good book! Even though the overall pacing to the story was on the slower side the writing enabled it to flow flawlessly until the end. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for more books in this series!

“Forgotten Storm” is the most original creative vampire tale that I have ever read. I loved it!! The plot’s storyline is so authentic and vivid that I felt my 6th sense reach out every time Nikki felt something. I felt a part of the story and outside it at the same time, ready to fight by Nikki’s side. The main characters are amazingly realistic and so well developed. I could not put this book down and the ending . . . came upon me to quickly and I just wanted more! I will not give away anything, but this is a “Can’t-miss tale” that NEEDS TO BE READ! I highly recommend this tale and 5+++ stars are just not enough.

Forgotten Storm was such a great read – I am left craving more. Once I picked it up, it was very hard to put down.  My advice: Don’t start this unless you have a good chunk of time to devote to you because you won’t want to put it down.

A.R.Vagnetti Head Shot croppedA.R. Vagnetti is a writer of paranormal romance with a splash of erotica. Writing has always been her passion, and her idea of heaven is a rainy day filled with her computer, a steaming mug of coffee, and warm fluffy socks. She draws inspiration from the picturesque shores of Lake Huron in the summer and the wildness of the Arizona desert in the winter. When not immersed in her characters, she enjoys traveling, fishing, and camping with her husband and Labrador.

Find out more about A.R. at her website.

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