Inn Spirits: Tales of the Folsom

by C.M. Harris

They said the supernatural wasn’t real and that it couldn’t hurt you. They’ve never been to the Folsom Inn, a place where the dead do more than talk. They touch, they scream, they kill. Come stay for the night, won’t you?

Amanda is the innkeeper at the unassuming Folsom Inn, a building with a history almost as old as the spirits that roam its halls. When she is held at gunpoint by an unwelcome guest, Amanda must find a way to stall for time. Listen in on gruesomely horrifying tales as Amanda shares stories from the past of the Folsom Inn. Will her gambit buy enough time for her friends to save her?

Genre: Horror, Supernatural Horror, Suspense

Length: Novella, approx. 150 pages

Publication Date: April 19, 2019

MSRP: eBook – $4.95 / Paperback – $9.95

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C. M. Harris out does himself in his debut novella. The story consists of beautifully woven tales of gore and despair told lovingly by the Folsom’s caretaker while her life sits in the hands of a very aggravated man with a gun. With each tale the man is warned of his ultimate fate. This book is like a classic horror film come to life, with extra twist and turns. It will tickle every bit of your horror fetishes and then some. Come to the Folsom and hope you get out alive!

I’m not sure what to say to accurately describe the brilliance of this writing. This author drags you yelling and screaming into his world and doesn’t let you go till his appetite is satisfied. His ability to carefully craft images from mere words leaves you with a terrifying clarity of the world you are immersed in.

What a voice Mr. Harris possesses as he weaves this titillating tale of horror! Come on in to the Folsom, you won’t be disappointed!

Loved this book! Pure evil and creepy. Can’t wait to read more!

CM Harris cropped - modifiedC.M. Harris is the proud father of a brilliant little boy. He’s written a short anthology about haunted dolls and things that go bump in the night. He is currently working on a little tale of Zombies, and what they get up to when no one is looking. He has the attention span of a hyper-active squirrel. He enjoys art, haunted dolls, and anything supernatural. And yet, has never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. His humor is a little warped, his books are a little twisted, and he likes both cats and dogs.

Find out more about C.M. at his website.

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