The Magician’s Sin

by Alexander Thomas

Anson Walker is a retired wizard who has spent the last two decades trying to put his past to rest. His cynical retirement is thrown into chaos when the daughter of his ex-wife hires him to rescue her mother from the dark forces who’ve taken her. The kidnapping is only days before the Aberration, a time every century when the rules of magic don’t apply. Anson’s investigation reveals an ancient conspiracy, the return of a decades-old nemesis, and feelings he thought long gone. Will he rescue his old flame, or succumb to the forces against him.

Genre: Fantasy, Alternate History, Fantasy Noir

Length: Novel, approx. 270 pages

Publication Date: May 3, 2019

MSRP: eBook – $6.75 / Paperback $15.00 / Hardcover – $28.00

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This is a well-crafted story that deserves attention. It may be easy to throw a bunch of genres at a book and see what resonates, but it takes a gifted master to weave elements of heroism, failure, magic, detective noir, and romance into a single, cohesive story. And that’s what Alexander Thomas has given us in The Magician’s Sin.

The story rockets along with plentiful twists, setbacks, hooks, and disasters that keep the pages turning. It avoids dreaded info-dumps while presenting a story world that’s unique. Backstory entwines the ongoing plot without slowing it down or becoming confusing. I like plentiful story action, and this delivers.

Full of magic and intrigue, The Magician’s Sin is a fun and fast-paced read that you have you enthralled to the end. Alexander Thomas gives the reader a world with demons and mythological creatures of all kinds. On top of all that, we have masterfully-created magic battles and a unique world that will keep you fascinated.

The adventure is fast-paced and obstacles tend to get in the way. It’s a good read and keeps you wanting more. I highly recommend reading this fantasy novel. It’s unique and I really enjoyed it.

Alexander Thomas is an author, game designer, dog lover, karaoke enthusiast, and all around nerd. You may know him from his work on roleplaying games including Mutants & Masterminds for Green Ronin and New Millennium Games, as well as Quantum Black. Madness at Miracle Mile is a fantasy noir short story set within the same universe of his debut novel The Magician’s Sin.

Find out more about Alexander at his website.

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