The Assimilation Agent

Assimilation Agent Series – Book One

Sam Hendricks

Rae Sorano leads an ordinary life in modern day San Diego until an alien materializes in her living room and tells her that she’s been selected for a special government-run program. While Rae learns the truth about her world, a war brews fifty floors underneath the Nevada desert and there’s only one person that can stop it. Rae and her alien mentors embark on an intergalactic journey that spans millenia, star systems, and the dusty archives of the US government.

The Assimilation Agent will be available at these fine retailers on or before 10/18/2019.

Rae Sorano doesn’t believe in aliens until one shows up in her living room. When it offers her a ticket to a life she’s only ever dreamed about, she takes it in a heartbeat. The ugly truth of what she’s done, and what she’ll have to do to survive, is nothing compared to what she discovers when she becomes, “The Assimilation Agent.”


Release Date:  October 18, 2019

Formats Available: eBook, paperback, hardcover

ISBN: eBook: ### , paperback: ###,  hardcover: ###

Genres: Sci-Fi

Length:  TBA

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Coming soon!

Sam Hendricks is a co-owner of Kyanite Publishing LLC and an author of speculative fiction. She’s also an experienced financial analyst and MBA student. Prior to pursuing her MBA, she graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Human Development and Criminal Justice. When she isn’t working, reading, and writing, she’s exploring Colorado with her family and Pugs.

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