Kyanite Publishing proudly presents our Kyanite Collections, groups of books that share common themes, styles, and settings that go beyond genre or imprint.  Some may even share a specific niche or sub-genre; while others we simply feel that if you enjoy one, you will enjoy the others!

This collection contains works that all take a look at the time period known as the machine age (1880-1945), but asks what might have happened if magic, myths, and monsters all had been real during this time. From spell-slinging detectives to cosmic horrors lurking in the shadows, step into a past steeped in the fantastic!

From cyberpunk renegades to hard boiled detectives of the future, this collection explores the seedier side of science fiction. Dive into stories that explore dystopian futures where information is power, and power often corrupts.

Aliens invading the earth, aliens subverting our way of life, intergalactic wars, or journeys to distant planets; there’s something here to suit everybody’s interest in close encounters!  Put more simply, in the words of a scientist often interviewed for a popular documentary series:  “Aliens.”

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