The Assimilation Agent

by Sam Hendricks

$8.85 – $24.85

Rae Sorano leads an ordinary life in modern day San Diego until an alien materializes in her living room and tells her that she’s been selected for a special government-run program. While Rae learns the truth about her world, a war brews fifty floors underneath the Nevada desert and there’s only one person that can stop it. Rae and her alien mentors embark on an intergalactic journey that spans millennia, star systems, and the dusty archives of the US government.

Citizen of Earth

by Joseph Kassabian

$8.85 – $24.85

From the #1 Bestselling author of Hooligans of Kandahar!

Earth is united under the iron grip of the Central Committee while the Earth Defense Forces stand alone against the alien hordes known as The Alliance.

Vincent Solaris is a teenage malcontent who’s future changes dramatically when he is charged with crimes against the Committee. He is sentenced to three-year’s service in the Earth Defense Forces and hurtled into a war he never wanted.

Along with Fiona – a Martian gangster serving a life sentence – he must find a way to survive the harsh killing fields of war against the most terrifying foe humanity has ever seen.

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