The Magician’s Sin

by Alexander Thomas

Titan City: 1941

Anson Walker is a retired wizard who has spent the last two decades trying to put his past to rest. His cynical retirement is thrown into chaos when the daughter of his ex-wife hires him to rescue her mother from the dark forces who’ve taken her. The kidnapping is only days before the Aberration, a time every century when the rules of magic don’t apply. Anson’s investigation reveals an ancient conspiracy, the return of a decades-old nemesis, and feelings he thought long gone. Will he rescue his old flame, or succumb to the forces against him?

Zachariah Lars and the High Elf Mystery

by Jonathan Lazar

Present Day Saint Louis, Missouri: Zachariah Lars, former Police Officer turned Private Investigator, takes the cases that the Magi won’t touch. When the mysterious line of African High Elves make their presence known in the New World Zachariah is visited by their emissary, High Princess Mahtab. She believes someone is looking to assassinate her. Zachariah must piece together the mystery of not only this stunningly beautiful African High Elf, but also of who is behind the assassination attempts on the High Princess’s life. And he only has three days to accomplish the task. 

Zachariah Lars and the High Elf Mystery

by Enkelli Arn Robertson

A mysterious woman hires Vera Shadow, Private Detective do find a missing college student. The trail leads Vera from the dormitory of Dorwich Institute of Magic to a seedy nightclub, an upscale penthouse and the docks. Little does she know the rabbit hole goes deeper than she thinks.

Parting the Veil

by B.K. Bass

American socialite Richard Jericho is a world-renowned treasure hunter.

British professor of archaeology Wilkins Chapman is his stoic compatriot.

Together, the two have uncovered antiquities from South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. On their most recent trip to the jungles of Peru they discover something more than they expected. As the fabric of reality comes apart, the two must journey across the globe chasing clues. As one answer leads to more questions, they begin to piece together a puzzle older than primal memory itself.

And the more they part the veil, the more of what lies beyond the veil spills into our reality.

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