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Kyanite Press Volume Three News

Autumn is near, and here at Kyanite Publishing that means a new volume of the Kyanite Press! We’ve had a great year with Volume Two, and the reaction to our transition to longer, quarterly issues was overwhelmingly positive. Our submissions process, editing, and production workflows have all been much smoother this year as a result, and our readers have been very happy with the massive amount of content in each issue. Still, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve not only how we produce the journal, but the quality and value for our readers.

With that in mind, we have a big change coming in Volume Three. We’re still going to be publishing quarterly, and still with the same amount of great content in each issue, but we’ll be changing from the standard journal format (8.5″x11″) we’ve been publishing in so far to a standard digest format (5.5″x8.25″). Here’s some highlights of the advantages of this change:



This format change, even though it will lead to longer page counts, will reduce the printing cost of the paperback edition of the Kyanite Press. As a result, we will be lowering the cover price to $19.99 for the print edition, and $9.99 for the eBook edition.



We have experienced a lot of challenges with the two-column format of the journal over the last two years. We feel that switching to a single-column format will make for a more comfortable reading experience for our audience. This will also streamline our production process, allowing more time for editing and proofreading to ensure the highest possible quality in every issue.



While we love the journal having that newsstand magazine feel, it does get a bit clunky, especially weighing in at two-hundred pages or more. The new format should make the print edition of the Press easier to take on the go and store on your bookshelves. Plus, it should have a more comfortable, less taxing feel in the hands for longer reading sessions.

“Okay, already. So what’s it going to look like!?” I hear this ringing in my ears as I write. So, I suppose with the meat and potatoes out of the way, we can get to the gravy. Here’s the (work in progress) cover for Volume Three, Issue One of the Kyanite Press!

Once we get everybody who’s contributing to the issue set up, we’ll finalize the cover with their names. There might be a tag line or two, but there won’t be as much text on the covers as we had in Volume Two. We’re keeping things simple, and trying not to obscure the amazing art we endeavour to procure for each issue.

We’re very excited about this change, and hope everybody continues to enjoy their journey with us through the worlds of short speculative fiction. Thank you for traveling with us, and we’ll see you between the pages!