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Kyanite Press BINGO Starts Today!

Here’s something you didn’t know you needed: Kyanite Press BINGO!


The BINGO board will be up and “in play” for the next two weeks, ending on Tuesday, February 5th. You have until then to claim a BINGO.

As you’ll see, this BINGO board is a little different than standard boards. Each space contains an element or theme from a story in one of the first three issues of the Kyanite Press. Identify the story the element corresponds to and mark the space with the title using your favorite graphic editor or you can even do it on paper and send us a picture. Connect any five spaces and you can claim a BINGO. (Alternatively, you can provide us a list of answers using a standard grid format, such as “Self-Reflection” being square B2 – A through E across the top, and 1 through 5 down the side.)

For every BINGO you identify, you’ll be awarded an eBook from our catalog of your choosing! For a BLACKOUT, you’ll be awarded three eBooks of your choosing and a paperback copy of our Fables and Fairy Tales Digest!

Please do not share your answers online. If you claim a BLACKOUT, you cannot also claim individual BINGO(S). Claim your awards by emailing your answers to before February 28th, 2019.

Discuss (but do not share your answers) on Twitter using hashtag #kyanitebingo. Thanks for playing!

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