Night Shift Press Kit

Meet the Author

B.K. Bass is the Editor in Chief of The Kyanite Press, Managing Editor of Kyanite Crypt, and Director of Acquisitions for Kyanite Publishing LLC. When he’s not working at publishing, he’s an author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror inspired by the pulp fiction magazines of the early 20th century and classic speculative fiction.  He is a student of history with a particular focus on the ancient, classical, and medieval eras.  B.K. has a lifetime of experience with a specialization in business management and human relations and also served in the U.S. Army.  When not writing or helping authors with their work, he is an avid table-top gaming geek.  B.K. is owned by three cats and a Paperanian named Sassy.

Details about Night Shift

ISBN: 978-1-949645-04-0

Release Date: October 12, 2018

Length: Novella, 72 pages

Price: $2.85

Genres: Science fiction, cyberpunk, dystopian, noir

Main character’s name: Harold Peterson

Main plot points: When a routine murder investigation starts turning up more questions than answers, homicide detective Harold Peterson finds himself unraveling a decades-old conspiracy that leads him to the highest echelons of the mob and the city government. 

What people are saying:

“Great story, can’t wait to read the rest. This author shows great promise, hope to read a lot of his writing.”

“Great start [on the series.] I love these kinds of stories, cyberpunk, a bit of dystopia…”

“I fell in love with Harold Peterson and his surly attitude. His banter with his partner is hilarious. I’m rooting for him.”



Press Release

(Fort Collins, CO) - Kyanite Publishing LLC, an independent publisher of speculative fiction and horror headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado is releasing their first electronic title, “Night Shift” by B.K. Bass on October 12th, 2018. The title is available through their electronic-only imprint Kyanite Glass and will be sold on their website and through IngramSpark and their partners, including Amazon,, and Kobo. “Night Shift” is a science fiction novella set in a dystopian future in the fictional city of New Angeles.


Excerpt: His first title with Kyanite Publishing LLC, “Night Shift,” is a science fiction story about a detective in the fictional city of New Angeles. Readers familiar with the science fiction subgenre called “cyberpunk” will appreciate the crime-ridden, dystopian setting. “Night Shift” was originally a serialized story Mr. Bass released online. He’s especially fond of serials and novellas that can be collected into longer works because they’re sized for today’s busy audience. He also writes in the fantasy genre, which is known for some of the longest works of fiction ever written.

Pull Quotes

*Note, if you’d like more quotes from the story or the full PDF copy, please reach out to Sam Hendricks at

“The rain was coming down in waves so heavy the wipers on the car could barely keep up. The headlights cut through the darkness as the flashing blue lights warned pedestrians to clear the road. Despite both this and the wail of the siren, the avenue was choked with humanity. I lit a cigarette and cracked the window, immediately regretting the latter.”

“I’d heard of better days, back before the big quake slid most of the California coastline off into the Pacific. New Angeles had been built on the remains of the devastation and boomed in the aftermath.”

“The most important part of sustaining the beast was diversion. The Romans had figured that out a long time ago. Keep the mob entertained and they’ll be distracted from how horrible their lives really are. The same was true here.”

“Frank turned in a slow circle, watching the crowd behind us. The EnBot must have picked up a vibe from him, because it turned the eerie glowing red sensors it had in lieu of eyes in our direction.”

“He mumbled something under his breath; I didn’t have to ask to know it was something impolite. I knew I ruffled his feathers as much as he did mine, but we were stuck with each other until the captain decided otherwise. We had been partners for two years now, so it wasn’t likely to change until one of us either quit or bought it. If I was lucky, either of the two would happen to Frank soon.”

“Halsing pointed a stubby finger at me, leaning as far over the desk as he could. “Listen here, Detective Joker. Your mouth is going to get you into hot water one day. We’re not just talking about losing your job, we’re talking about prison time!” He shifted the meaty appendage towards Frank, “For both of you!””

“My place was further out, in the middle of what had once been called Santa Clarita. When the big one hit, everything there had been wrecked. What was left had been scraped clear, and clusters of multi-use buildings had gone up in the empty spaces.”

“”Morning, Detective,” Stitch said with a wry grin. He knew we were on different sides of the game as much as I did, but Rosie’s was neutral territory. As long as I didn’t get in the way of their business, they wouldn’t put any new holes in me for being a cop.”

“Rosie herself sauntered over seductively, or at least tried to. Her hips swayed like a ship rolling on the waves, then caught and twitched with a metallic grinding noise. She staggered a step, and suddenly her left eye started blinking rapidly. She leaned against the counter, her low-cut shirt and tiny apron doing little to hide cleavage as deep as the Grand Canyon. With one eye still blinking out of control, she said, “So, sexy, what can I do you for?””

“They weren’t actually called brothels anymore, or at least the kind of places we were going to weren’t. The more common term would be flesh bar or skin club; ironic names considering there was no real flesh involved.”

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