Ashes of the Fae


Leila Davis’ life is hurled into a world of chaos when her daughter Iris goes missing after being caught in a rash of kidnappings that spread through the city; snatched away by something that defies reason. Soon, Leila finds herself tangled in a world of myth and horror. The police suspect her, but a mysterious detective, Maddox, is the first to believe her story. He takes a keen interest in her case, and the two work together in an attempt to defy the odds and bring Iris home. But Maddox’s secrets run deeper than the scars of his flesh…Now it’s a race against time as they try and stop who, or what, took her.


PRE-ORDER – Available 06/21/2019




Sophia LeRoux is the Design Director at Kyanite Publishing. She’s also an avid writer of paranormal romance and fantasy. She is currently pursuing graphic design and enjoys farming, hiking, and discovering new places.

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eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

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