Oui Garcon


To renowned gay food critic, Victor Wright, the future held anything but progress. Machines were taking over the food industry; machines that looked human. What made it worse was that the food was bland and tasteless, just as its creators were. As such, Victor harbored only disdain for these man-made insults to humankind; and any restaurant that dared utilize them would pay dearly with his poor reviews. But when a new chef comes along to challenge his beliefs, Victor finds himself questioning everything he ever knew about life, love, and lust. Especially lust…

eBook PRE-ORDER – product available 02/15/2019


J.R. Brooks lives in Newport, Rhode Island with his labradoodle, Queenie. When not exploring the steamy side of speculative fiction, he spends his days working as a software engineer. J.R. endeavors to share his own experiences through his writing.  Other than thrilling and delighting his readers, he hopes to provoke thought about social issues and accepting each other despite our differences.  He also enjoys video games, sailing, cycling, and moonlight cocktails at the pier.

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