The Demon’s Seed


The Darkness has many names, all of which change through time. But one thing about The Darkness remains the same through time: it carries a primordial lust. Having grown up in the light of paradise, Irina is forced to face evil on her own. With the help of a secluded tribe, she maybe find the answers she seeks for defeating this epitome of Darkness–except the price for such a feat may turn out to be more than she can bear.

eBook PRE-ORDER – product available 01/11/2019


Rhis Kaye writes steamy fiction hot enough to melt the snow around her home in Canada. When not indulging your most secret desires, she is fond of exploring the great wilderness of her home and also travelling abroad. She sees exotic locations as inspiration for her many luscious tales, and everyone she meets as a potential conquest in her next book.

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