The Demon’s Sin


As humans, we’re told to fear the monsters living in the shadows beneath our beds and within our closets–but Sabrina is different. Where others cope with the dark by wallowing in fear, Sabrina faced it with a different perspective. She was never afraid of the place where light dared not touch, nor the things that hid within it. Will Sabrina be consumed by corruption? Or will the demons that haunt us end up not being as wicked as they appear after all?

eBook PRE-ORDER – product available 02/16/2019


Rhis Kaye writes steamy fiction hot enough to melt the snow around her home in Canada. When not indulging your most secret desires, she is fond of exploring the great wilderness of her home and also travelling abroad. She sees exotic locations as inspiration for her many luscious tales, and everyone she meets as a potential conquest in her next book.

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