The Shape of Wood


Alex Webster is a police academy dropout who’s trying to find his place in the modern world. He’s partied hard and lusted harder, but that life seems so dull to him now. Fast forward to summer, this city boy finds himself shacked up alone in the Montana wilderness, thousands of miles away from home with none of the creature comforts. He soon wonders if pursuing a bum job as a Fire Lookout to ‘find himself’ was a good idea after all. So when complaints of a huge ape-like man begin to circulate around his part of the park, Alex takes it upon himself to find this handsy culprit and set him straight. Only problem is, Alex may not be all that prepared for the primal passions he finds waiting for him in the woods. But one thing’s for sure: his life’s about to get a whole lot…hairier.

eBook PRE-ORDER – product available 02/14/2018


J.R. Brooks lives in Newport, Rhode Island with his labradoodle, Queenie. When not exploring the steamy side of speculative fiction, he spends his days working as a software engineer. J.R. endeavors to share his own experiences through his writing.  Other than thrilling and delighting his readers, he hopes to provoke thought about social issues and accepting each other despite our differences.  He also enjoys video games, sailing, cycling, and moonlight cocktails at the pier.

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