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Seattle, WA is surrounded by a thirty foot tall wall after the US split into two countries. Summer Wilkins, media spokesperson of the New Seattle Republic, must present confidence in the face of overwhelming personal loss. When she finds out that the Republic President’s social and technological projects are controlling more than just public opinion she faces the greatest challenge of her life. Follow Summer on an adventure of unexpected revelations, secretive allies, and the battle to save what is most important: her family.

eBook PRE-ORDER – product available 12/21/2018


Sam Hendricks is the full-time Marketing Director of Kyanite Publishing LLC and the Managing Editor of Kyanite Glass. She is also an author of science-fiction, fantasy, romance, and mystery and an experienced business banker with a BA in Criminal Justice and Human Development from Washington State University. She is an unashamed optimist, binge-watcher of true crime TV, and proud mom and wife.

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