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Summer 2019 Catalogue Announcements Begin October 13th, 2018

October is our favorite month at Kyanite Publishing, and to celebrate, we’re announcing 22 new novelettes, novellas, and novels on October 13th, 2018! These will all be part of our Summer 2019 Catalogue, although they do not represent every title that will be released in Summer 2019. Stay tuned for more announcements later in the fall!

Many of you will remember that we hosted a launch party back in August and announced the majority of our Winter 2018 Catalogue. We love to reveal multiple covers and titles at once because we’ve found it helps to create a sense of community for our authors and readers. This launch will be even bigger because we’ll be giving our authors the opportunity to run giveaways on their own social media accounts, too. We encourage readers to follow the launch party on Twitter first, as we’ll link to our other platforms and our authors from there to start the day.

Although we can’t reveal much, we want to thank all the authors with a title being revealed on the 13th: J.R. Brooks, Enkelli Arn Robertson, Rhis Kaye, Majanka Verstraete, and Phebe Yawson. We fell in love with these stories and we’re honored to represent them in the world. We hope you’ll support these authors and tune in to learn more about their art!

Kyanite Publishing LLC was born earlier this year out of our love for stories and our desire to compete with small presses and traditional publishing houses as previously self-published authors. We understand how difficult the traditional publishing route can be, even for talented and motivated storytellers, and we believe we’ve created a solvent, smart, and streamlined business model that captures the spirit of self-publishing and the author-benefits of traditional publishing. Most importantly, our authors never pay to publish their work. We make money on title says, not authors.

Speaking of authors, we’d like to thank every single one of the individuals who’ve signed with us so far, many of whom took a chance on a startup not because they had no better options, but because they believed in our integrity, passion, and vision.

We’ll be posting many times here on the blog next week ahead of the launch of “Night Shift” by B.K. Bass on the 12th and the title/cover reveals on the 13th. If there’s anything you want to see specifically, please leave a comment and let us know!

Until next time,

Sam, Brian & Sophia

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