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Happy Book Birthday to “River” by Ryen Lesli!

The book publishing process takes more time than most people realize.

Ryen Lesli began writing River about five years ago. She sent it to us last summer, and we made her an offer almost immediately, recognizing its potential and heartbreaking authenticity. Since then, it’s been through several stages of editing, proofing, and production to become the book it is today.

There are no shortcuts. Ryen spent long days in front of her computer going back over every word. We did the same thing, and when we were done, we did it again. We developed prototype covers, we sampled page colors, and we tested formatting schemes. When the final product arrived, it surpassed even our wildest expectations.

River is a work of art. It is a story that transforms, transcends, and transports the reader. Lesli is a master worldbuilder, capable of taking you on a journey you didn’t know you were waiting for. Emotions run high, the stakes even higher. While the main character is a teenager, her story has moved everyone who’s reviewed it. Check it out on Goodreads!

Does she have a secret life? One even SHE doesn’t know about?

Seventeen-year-old River has always felt like she doesn’t belong. It doesn’t help that she sees a light around people that reveals their true nature. When a new kid shows up at school who she can’t read, something inside her breaks open, unleashing a wave of raw emotion and faint visions of an emerald-eyed boy that she doesn’t remember. Soon, River’s world changes and everything she thought was real fades away. Taken from the life she knows, River is forced into a dangerous, beautiful world that has been impatiently awaiting her return.

You can read the first chapter of River for free by visiting the book landing page. It will look like this:

You can also purchase the eBook, paperback, or hardcover edition from us, or from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or your local independent bookstore by request.

Thank you for supporting our small business and the author by sharing this story with your friends and family, especially your young adults! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!