Founded in 2018, Kyanite Publishing is a small press with a big vision. Our mission is to find and share stories we love with readers who, like us, have an unrelenting appetite for the written word. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling. To bring more amazing stories to life, our focus is on educating and uplifting our authors. We’re also building an inclusive community that connects them with readers.

We publish stories in all sizes and formats.

Meet Our Publishers




Sam Hendricks is a community builder, editor, and novelist. Her background is in creative writing, finance, and small business analysis. She is currently an MBA student at WGU, and when she isn’t running the company or editing, she’s swimming, hiking, or hanging with her family. Connect with her on her website or Twitter.

b k bass author



B.K. Bass is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Kyanite Publishing. He is also a prolific author and Writing Chair for Worldbuilding Magazine. He wears many hats and is often found under a pile of kittens or his Paperanian, Sassy. Connect with him on his website or  Twitter.

Meet Our Staff


Production Lead

Crystal L. Kirkham resides in a small hamlet west of Red Deer, Alberta. She is an avid outdoors person, unrepentant coffee addict, part-time foodie, servant to a wonderful feline, and companion to two delightfully hilarious canines – Treble the Standard Poodle and Nahni the Australian Shepherd. Crystal has published novels across several genres and is a contributing author to multiple best-selling anthologies. You can connect with her on her website or Twitter.

Meet our Author Advisory Board

  • Joseph Kassabian
  • Alpha Vagnetti
  • Danielle Ancona
  • Crystal L. Kirkham
  • Willie Handler
  • Jonathan Lazar
  • Alexander Thomas
  • Jabe Stafford
  • Sarah LaChance