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Kyanite Press Volume Three News

Autumn is near, and here at Kyanite Publishing that means a new volume of the Kyanite Press! We’ve had a great year with Volume Two, and the reaction to our transition to longer, quarterly issues was overwhelmingly positive. Our submissions process, editing, and production workflows have all been much smoother this year as a result, and our readers have been very happy with the massive amount of content in each issue. Still, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve not only how we produce the journal, but the quality and value for our readers.

With that in mind, we have a big change coming in Volume Three. We’re still going to be publishing quarterly, and still with the same amount of great content in each issue, but we’ll be changing from the standard journal format (8.5″x11″) we’ve been publishing in so far to a standard digest format (5.5″x8.25″). Here’s some highlights of the advantages of this change:



This format change, even though it will lead to longer page counts, will reduce the printing cost of the paperback edition of the Kyanite Press. As a result, we will be lowering the cover price to $19.99 for the print edition, and $9.99 for the eBook edition.



We have experienced a lot of challenges with the two-column format of the journal over the last two years. We feel that switching to a single-column format will make for a more comfortable reading experience for our audience. This will also streamline our production process, allowing more time for editing and proofreading to ensure the highest possible quality in every issue.



While we love the journal having that newsstand magazine feel, it does get a bit clunky, especially weighing in at two-hundred pages or more. The new format should make the print edition of the Press easier to take on the go and store on your bookshelves. Plus, it should have a more comfortable, less taxing feel in the hands for longer reading sessions.

“Okay, already. So what’s it going to look like!?” I hear this ringing in my ears as I write. So, I suppose with the meat and potatoes out of the way, we can get to the gravy. Here’s the (work in progress) cover for Volume Three, Issue One of the Kyanite Press!

Once we get everybody who’s contributing to the issue set up, we’ll finalize the cover with their names. There might be a tag line or two, but there won’t be as much text on the covers as we had in Volume Two. We’re keeping things simple, and trying not to obscure the amazing art we endeavour to procure for each issue.

We’re very excited about this change, and hope everybody continues to enjoy their journey with us through the worlds of short speculative fiction. Thank you for traveling with us, and we’ll see you between the pages!

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Fourth Horizon – An Upcoming Anthology Project

What is Fourth Horizon?

Fourth Horizon is an upcoming anthology project from Kyanite publishing, in partnership with Smunchy Games. The world of Fourth Horizon—designed by Adam Bassett—is one distant from our own known as Teohid-3. The world is one of vast power struggles between five disparate factions, each themed to follow a specific genre of speculative fiction: cyberpunk, diesel punk, steampunk, aetherpunk, and solarpunk. Each of these factions has their own values and agendas, some which align with each other, but many more that are at odds with their neighbors.

Earth was dying. We had to leave. One colony world, Teohid-3, stands alone as a brilliant success. When people first arrived, they found it extremely similar to Earth, but over time they’ve discovered its unique natural resources.

The closer one looks at Teohid-3, the more alien the world appears. The plant and animal life of Earth has largely choked out the native species, but not quite all of them. Orange nivemhelite crystals litter the world’s technology, and deep in the oceans there lies dormant an unusual resource called mana which has caused many to question their understanding of reality. Even the people, fitted with a wide variety of augmentations and modifications to their bodies, don’t quite appear the same anymore.

Teohid-3 celebrated its independence over a hundred years ago. In order to maintain peace, communication—and to present a demonstration of power—the Fourth Horizon Council meets every other year. Trade deals, alliances, wars, and more have been started and ended at these meetings. 

What will this year’s Council meeting hold?

— From Smunchy Games

The Partnership

Fourth Horizon is an expandable card game currently in development by Smunchy Games. Kyanite and Smunchy have partnered to bring you stories from the world of Teohid-3 in the form of the Fourth Horizon anthology, planned to be released around the same time as the game.

The Game

After constructing your deck, each player competes to gain morale, or instill doubt in their opponents. Simple as that. But the path to accomplish these goals may become rather complex with the array of processes, mods, allies, and agents you can add to your deck.

Although Fourth Horizon was inspired in part by dueling card games such as Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, our goal is to create a game with more choice regarding how players use their cards. We’ve revamped the traditional resource system many games use, allowing each player to begin with the same amount of resources—enough to play a few cards at once or their most valuable cards on turn one. This levels the playing field and removes a level of variance from the game. Now, if you draw a hand full of expensive cards, it doesn’t mean you have to skip your first few turns. We wanted to let the player focus on their strategy and deckbuilding, forcing them to make difficult decisions about what cards they play first, and not be beholden to a mana curve.

— From Smunchy Games

When is this Happening?

As mentioned, Fourth Horizon is currently in development by Smunchy Games, and games designer Adam Bassett is hard at work hammering out the worldbuilding details.

Early next year, Adam and our own B.K. Bass will be developing a guide to the world of Teohid-3. They will also be establishing goals and guidelines for submissions for the anthology. We expect the submission cycle for Fourth Horizon to start around the Summer of 2021, production during 2022, and the launch of both the game and anthology in 2023.

Who is Smunchy Games?

We are proud to be partnering with Smunchy Games on this project! Smunchy Games is a developer and publisher of innovative, groundbreaking tabletop role playing and card games founded by CEO Sean Fallon. Their catalog includes the role playing games Parselings, Paths: World of Aida, Shadow Tantrum, and the Tide Breaker RPG system. They also recently released Fray, set in the world of Aida from the Paths RPG, which is “a fast-paced strategy card game wherein players contest over a 3×3 battlefield, playing powerful units and casting signature spells to gain control.”


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Today! Anthology Cover Reveal Party

Hello readers!

We’re kicking off a cover reveal party across social media and our Discord server right now! Come join us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and help us hype the amazing anthologies below!

From Steampunk to Cyberware; The World Anvil Anthology; Visions of Darkness

From Steampunk to Cyberware

One man’s cog in the machine may be another’s exploit to hack.

Since the 1980s, Punk fiction has captured the hearts and minds of readers. Whether looking for another time and place to escape to, or hoping our own future might hold the seeds of revolution, these genres have bucked both the trends of speculative fiction and the conventions of society.

Join us with four tales that explore two of the most common punk genres: steampunk and cyberpunk; along with one that may introduce you to something new: clockpunk!

So sit back, plug into the net, and get the gears turning; because the world may never look the same again.

The World Anvil Anthology

From the community of the award-winning online worldbuilding service – World Anvil – comes a collection of novelettes that span the breadth of imagination and beyond. Explore ten realms of the fantastic through the eyes of those who inhabit them, each showcasing a creation from World Anvil’s extraordinary community.

Visions of Darkness

Every world holds darkness in the shadowed corners of reality. In some worlds, darkness is all there is.

From the unknown lurking over the horizon to what dwells in the dark below a city, some of the most engaging moments in fantasy fiction blur a line with horror. Dark fantasy embraces this and creates something both fantastic and terrifying. Join us in exploring eight novelettes that delve into the dark and explore worlds of fantasy that don’t reserve nightmares merely for the night. Have your sword ready, because danger lurks in every shadow.

Cover Reveal on Youtube at 4pm EST

We are posting a cover reveal on Youtube at 4pm EST. You can follow the link and chat with us in the comments right now.

Author Livestream

We are going live on Youtube in just a few minutes. You can follow us there and you’ll be able to see the video as soon as we connect!

There’s still time to join our eBook giveaway on Twitter as well!

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Pre-Orders Now Available for Song of the Wild and Your Side of Midnight

Happy Friday, readers!

We have great news! Pre-orders packages, including signed copies, are now on sale for Song of the Wild by Melissa Matos, and Your Side of Midnight by K. Baldwin and Lyra Ricci.

We’ve also opened pre-orders on several other fantastic novels and novellas, all of which you can find on our home page!

We are so proud of our authors and our catalog. We look forward to hearing what you think of the worlds they’ve built in your reviews and social media posts.

If you aren’t following us on social media yet, now is a great time. We frequently list giveaways, contests, and special events there. We’re currently on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you’d like to see us (or our authors) somewhere else-let us know!

Until next time,

The Kyanite Crew

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We’re live on Facebook!

Hello, readers!

We’re live on Facebook, with author Danielle Ancona hosting authors Alexander Thomas, A.R. Vagnetti, Daniel Dickinson, Jabe Stafford, Crystal L. Kirkham, and Sam Hendricks. Most are performing a live reading of their books, and some are answering questions and engaging in the Facebook chat.

In the past, we’ve used Youtube Live, and you can find those videos here. In the future, we intend to use both. You’ll be able to find the video from tonight’s event on Youtube tomorrow.

We love connecting with each other and readers all over the world, so we appreciate you joining when you can. We will continue to host these events on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with our theatrical readings (involving multiple authors performing one piece!) on Saturdays.

Thank you, and “see” you soon!

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Pre-Order Discounts and News!

Hello, readers!

To celebrate CITIZEN OF EARTH reaching the TOP TEN in free military science fiction on Amazon, we’re offering pre-orders for the next installment: THE GREAT TRAITOR for 30% off with coupon code SOLARIS30!

Find and follow the author, Joseph Kassabian, on Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, or Amazon.

And if you’re looking for a beautifully crafted fantasy story, look no further than BY IMMORTAL HONOR BOUND by Danielle Ancona. For a limited time, these pre-orders include FREE SHIPPING in the United States and a table of alchemy symbols from the author, on parchment!

You can connect with Danielle on her website or Twitter.

You can also find them both reading from their books on our recent Youtube Live streams. We’ll be hosting those readings every Tuesday and Thursday around 5pm Pacific. We’ll also be hosting theatrical readings involving multiple players on Saturdays around 9pm Eastern.

Oh, and check out these other books if you’re looking to receive regular book boxes!


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More About Our New Pre-Order Packages

Among many innovations in response to the global pandemic, all our new releases will launch with custom pre-order packages that feature signed copies, bookmarks and mugs, and other exclusive gifts from the author! They’ll be available on our website for a limited time before pre-orders open with retailers. We are excited to offer these packages as a way to further extend the reading experience and connect authors with their fans.

Books now available for pre-order are: Night Life (Book Two in the Night Series) by B.K. Bass, The Great Traitor (Book Two in the Galaxy on Fire Series) by Joseph Kassabian, The Darkness Within (Book Two in the Darkness Trilogy) by Michael D. Nadeau, Remnants (an anthology created by Stephen Coghlan), Around the Dark Dial by J.D. Sanderson, Roadside Attractions by Eric Lahti, Zachariah Lars and the Time Travel Conundrum (Book Two in the Case Files of Zachariah Lars Series) by Jonathan Lazar, Life 2 by Aisha Tritle, and The Assimilation Agent by Sam Hendricks.

Included in some of the pre-order packages is the new Content Hub, which houses short stories and even full-length books, articles and essays, and other offerings from Kyanite authors. It is now available on a subscription basis as well.

And just in case you missed it: we are hosting ongoing live readings, interviews, and panels throughout the week and weekend on our Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. The participating authors are often available for questions before and after, and reader engagement is encouraged! We do this for you!


Sam Hendricks, Co-Founder & Publisher

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Pre-Orders Open on The Darkness Within

Hello readers!

Pre-orders have opened for The Darkness Within, book two in the Darkness trilogy, set in the Land of Lythinall and created/written by Michael D. Nadeau.

Michael put his creative talents to good use and crafted some truly special packages that include never-before-seen fiction, a full-color poster of a printed map of Lythinall, and more!

“A writer to watch. A fantasy series to fall in love with. I know I did.”

Ed Greenwood, international bestselling author and creator of the Forgotten Realms

If you haven’t read The Darkness Returns, the first book in the trilogy yet, fear not! You can get it in the premium pre-order package or you can download it right now!

We appreciate all your continued support and the love you show to our amazing authors! We couldn’t do this without you!

-Sam & Brian

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Pre-Orders Open on The Great Traitor by Joseph Kassabian, Book Two in the Galaxy on Fire Series

The Great Traitor, the second book in the Galaxy on Fire series by best-selling author Joseph Kassabian, is now on pre-order right here! Packages include signed books with customizable inscriptions, mugs, eBooks, and more! *Only available for a limited time.

“If you thought Citizen of Earth was great, hold onto your f*ing britches. Kassabian soars in The Great Traitor, showcasing his depth and range through the eyes of his loveable characters and the enthralling intricacies of galactic society. Expect paper cuts from quick page turns.”

Sam Hendricks, Publisher and Editor

*For those reading this as it comes out: join us in just over an hour for a live reading with the author and the contributors of the post-apocalyptic anthology Remnants on our Twitter feed.

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Live Reading Tonight on Twitter

Hey readers!

We’re doing a series of live readings starting at 7:30 PM EST TONIGHT on Twitter to celebrate the pre-order launches of Remnants and The Great Traitor!

Remnants is a post-apocalyptic anthology created by Stephen Coghlan and edited by B.K. Bass with stories from Stephen Coghlan, Michael D. Nadeau, Aaron Lee, Benjamin Hope, D.W. Hitz, J.D. Kellner, Ian Fairgrieve, Rachel Ford, A.A. Rubin, Alan Provance, Crystal L. Kirkham, and J.D. Sanderson.

The Great Traitor is a military science fiction novel exploring themes of conflict and humanity, and the second in a planned trilogy from best-selling author of Hooligans of Kandahar, Joseph Kassabian.

Stephen Coghlan, Joseph Kassabian, and several authors from the Remnants crew will be reading LIVE from their stories, answering questions, and talking about books and publishing during this online event.

Visit us on Twitter and you’ll see the videos right on the top of our newsfeed around 7:30pm EST. This is a casual event and the authors have been encouraged to relax, lean in, and put on a show. We hope you’ll kick up your feet, grab a drink, and join us!