Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

The partners at Kyanite Publishing LLC understand the publishing industry has a huge environmental impact in the form of paper consumption. It is our commitment to do all we can to limit our own consumption and to proactively endeavor to participate in reforestation and forestry cultivation programs.

According to the Green Press Initiative, each year 30 million trees are cut down to print books sold in the United States alone.  This is not even counting the manuscripts printed for revisions, review, and editing.  It is our commitment to minimize paper use in our editorial processes and to ensure that our printing partners are held to the strictest standards of responsible paper use.

Our Green Practice Pledge

  • We do not accept manuscript submissions on paper.  They must be sent as electronic submissions.
  • We do not print manuscripts to review them.  All submissions, samples, and manuscripts are reviewed in their digital format.
  • We limit the printing of manuscripts to edit them.  Digital editing plays a large role in our processes.
  • All of our in-office printing, including manuscripts, is on recycled paper.  Any paper disposed of by us is sent for recycling.
  • Almost all of our marketing is of a digital nature.  Our print marketing is limited to the pages of our Journal – The Kyanite Press – and occasional flyer distribution on a local level for events such as book signings.
  • We have signed and committed to the standards set forth in the Green Press Initiative Book Industry Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing.

Our Partners

Our primary printer for our paperback and hardcover books is IngramSpark. Their own environmental responsibility policy can be found HERE.

By utilizing a print on demand (POD) service, we are able to minimize wasted use of paper by not being required to print and inventory a large number of books that may end up being destroyed if they are not sold.

We have selected IngramSpark as our primary printer because of their own strict environmental commitment and their certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council®, Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™.

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