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Visions of Darkness, Volume One, is the first of a planned annual anthology of dark fantasy tales to be released each October.

What we are looking for

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Word Count: 7,500 – 20,000 words
Deadline: April 30, 2020

Submission Guidelines

What to Include in the Email

An introduction is always nice. Tell us who you are. Have we met, or did somebody refer you to us? Here is a good place to remind us.

The elevator pitch. In one to three sentences, what’s the selling point for the story? What’s it about? What makes it stand apart?

What are the genre(s), main theme(s), and word count?

The dreaded synopsis. Try to keep this around 500 words or less. We don’t need to know who everybody is or every detail of what happens in the story, just the broad strokes. Give us an idea of what to expect. Think of it like a movie trailer in text! 

The Manuscript

Please attach your manuscript to the email in standard manuscript format as a Word document (.doc or .docx). This should be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman or Courier (we prefer Courier) with non-spaced, indented paragraphs. Ensure that your legal name, address, email address, and the word count appears at the top of the first page. If you are not familiar with standard manuscript formats, please review this article.

Only original, unpublished submissions will be considered.

What is dark fantasy?

The definition of dark fantasy can be debated, but it is generally any story with fantastic or supernatural elements that incorporate horror themes and/or a gloomy atmosphere. In all, the genre is hard to pin down with any specific tropes. It is more a sense of atmosphere—darkness and dread mixed with the elements of fantasy.

What we would really like to see

We are very interested in stories with a historically inspired setting. This can be a secondary world with a sword and sorcery theme, a Victorian tale of the occult, or a 20th century neo-noir tale. These are just examples though, don’t be afraid to explore more options!

We’re definitely looking for dark fantasy though, not just horror, so don’t forget the magic. A coven of witches, an underground occult conspiracy, or a maniacal necromancer would all work well. Of course, vampires, zombies, and werewolves are also welcome! Just don’t forget to make it dark, gloomy, and if possible, terrifying. If there’s a mystery thrown into the mix as well, all the better!

Please send all submissions to info@kyanitepublishing.com
with “Visions of Darkness” in the subject line.

Contributors will be compensated by way of a royalty pool, divided among the contributors on a pro-rata basis, calculated on each work’s word count percentage of the total issue’s word count. 

Please visit our submissions page for the Kyanite Press if you are interested in submitting novelettes or short fiction for our speculative fiction journal. 

If you submitted during our open submissions window, please allow up to thirty (30) days from the date of your submission for our initial screening process. If we requested a manuscript, please allow a minimum of ninety (90) days before inquiring about the status of your submission.

It may take up to twelve (12) months to review all manuscripts received due to the volume of submissions.

If you have inquiries about a pending submission, please contact B.K. Bass via email at info@kyanitepublishing.com.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  Kyanite Publishing, LLC reserves the right to accept or deny any submission based upon any subjective or objective consideration.  Rights to all works remain those of the author until a contract is accepted. If selected, a contract will be offered before any work is published.  Terms of advances, royalties, and other considerations will be negotiated on an individual and confidential basis.  All cover art, title designs, marketing material, etc are copyright (2019) Kyanite Publishing, LLC.