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Novelette, Novella & Novel Submissions

Are you buried under pages of unpublished fiction? Our publishing and marketing philosophy revolves around our authors. We do our best to blend the creative control of self-publishing with the support of traditional publishing. All our contracts include editing, book design, and marketing. Authors never pay to be published. 

We’re always interested in titles with high marketability, as well as titles that question, disrupt, educate, engage, entertain, stun, and captivate. 

Aren’t sure yet? Reach out to us anytime with questions. We’re here to help.


Submissions are open through October 31st, 2018. 

For science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories under 10,000 words: please visit our Kyanite Press Submissions Page for information about publishing in our bi-monthly journal of science fiction and fantasy.

For science fiction and fantasy novellas between 10,000 – 40,000 words: please address your submission to: Kyanite Glass. All Glass title will be eligible for print issue, dependent on projected sales and anthology/box set potential.

For science fiction and fantasy novels over 40,000 wordsplease address your submission to: Kyanite Publishing.

For science fiction and fantasy romance/erotica: please address your submission to: Kyanite Kiss. Contracts range from eBook only, to eBook and print publishing with hardback options.

For horror novellas and novels over 10,000 wordsplease address your submission to Kyanite Crypt imprint. Contracts range from eBook only, to eBook and print publishing with hardback options.

We will consider self-published authors and stories, including those through CreateSpace and Wattpad. If your story is still in print, either electronic or physical, please be prepared to pull it from the shelves once a contract is signed. We will likely suggest revisions and require new cover art.



  1. Relax. We aren’t elitists and we’re look for raw, engaging stories, not perfection.
  2. Send us an email at with the following components:
    1. Introduce yourself, tell us what you like to read and write, and include why you became a writer.
    2. Pitch your story.
    3. Describe the themes, motivations, and how you see it being marketed. What makes it timely? Why should we (or anyone) read it?
    4. Describe the plot in 250 words. Don’t leave anything important out. We need to know the spoilers.
    5. Attach a ~2,000 word sample of your story in standard manuscript format (12 pt, double-spaced, Courier or Times New Roman font), preferably as a PDF file.
    6. Let us know if the manuscript is complete or in-progress, and the total word count (or current & projected total.)
  3. Allow 90-180 days for review, although we aspire to much shorter time frames. You should receive an initial confirmation of receipt within 3 business days.

Anthology Projects

We are accepting submissions for several anthologies.  Any work accepted for an anthology will be contracted on a standard pro-rata royalty contract for each author.  More information about these anthologies can be obtained by emailing

Remnants is a shared-world science fiction project created by Stephen Coghlan. Our goal is to produce an anthology where a number of different authors can explore the world of Remnants with their own voice and perspective

The world of Remnants takes place in the near-future where the world of man has been overrun with monsters hell-bent on wiping out the human race. These are horrifying beasts and consist of The Horde and The Swarm; and possibly other abominations?


We are putting together an anthology of stories written in the various ‘Punk sub-genres of speculative fiction.  From SteamPunk to CyberPunk and beyond, we are seeking innovative novelttes and novellas to collect into a highly marketable exploration of these niche genres.

We are looking for submissions ranging from 7,500 – 20,000 words.  Email your submission of a pitch or complete manuscript to with “Punk Anthology” in the subject line.

If you have a work in one of these genres that is over 20,000 words, please feel free to submit them per the open submission guidelines above!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  Kyanite Publishing, LLC reserves the right to accept or deny any submission based upon any subjective or objective consideration.  Rights to all works remain those of the author until a contract is accepted. If selected, a contract will be offered before any work is published.  Terms of advances, royalties, and other considerations will be negotiated on an individual and confidential basis.  All cover art, title designs, marketing material, etc are copyright (2018) Kyanite Publishing, LLC.

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