At Kyanite Publishing, we always have a lot of amazing opportunities for authors to share their work with the world. The Kyanite Press accepts submissions year-round. We have several anthology projects in the works for which we are looking for more stories. We also have an open submission window every fall for stand-alone titles. Keep an eye out as well for special calls to submission, where we may open limited windows throughout the year for specific types of stories!

Anthology Projects

We are accepting submissions for several anthologies.  Any work accepted for an anthology will be contracted on a standard pro-rata royalty contract for each author.  More information about these anthologies can be obtained by emailing

Please submit all work in standard manuscript format, 12 pt TNR or Courier, double-spaced. Excessive formatting in your manuscript is discouraged. Be sure to include your contact information and the word count on the cover page! Please include a brief synopsis of your story in your email, as well.

We are putting together an anthology of stories written in the various ‘Punk sub-genres of speculative fiction.  From SteamPunk to CyberPunk and beyond, we are seeking innovative novelttes and novellas to collect into a highly marketable exploration of these niche genres.

We are looking for submissions ranging from 7,500 – 20,000 words.  Email your submission of a pitch or complete manuscript to with “Punk Anthology” in the subject line.

Please send your manuscripts in standard manuscript format (12pt Courier or Times New Roman, double-spaced, with your name, address, contact information, and the word count on the cover page.)  DEADLINE: MARCH 31, 2019

Submissions for Remnants closes on 2/15/2019! Email your submissions before then!

Remnants is a shared-world science fiction project created by Stephen Coghlan. Our goal is to produce an anthology where a number of different authors can explore the world of Remnants with their own voice and perspective

The world of Remnants takes place in the near-future where the world of man has been overrun with monsters hell-bent on wiping out the human race. These are horrifying beasts and consist of The Horde and The Swarm; and possibly other abominations?


Novelette, Novella & Novel Submissions

Our submissions window is currently closed, and we are taking submissions for book contracts by invitation only. Our next open submission window will be from September 1st through September 30th, 2019.

Please visit our submissions page for the Kyanite Press if you are interested in submitting short fiction for consideration for our bi-monthly journal. Submissions for the Kyanite Press are open year-round.


Art Submissions


Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  Kyanite Publishing, LLC reserves the right to accept or deny any submission based upon any subjective or objective consideration.  Rights to all works remain those of the author until a contract is accepted. If selected, a contract will be offered before any work is published.  Terms of advances, royalties, and other considerations will be negotiated on an individual and confidential basis.  All cover art, title designs, marketing material, etc are copyright (2018) Kyanite Publishing, LLC.

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