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    Welcome to the world, “What They Deserve!”

    Today is the publishing day for our third novella, and Sam Hendricks’s first novella, “What They Deserve!” We are excited to add to our collection of dystopian, cyberpunk stories. If you liked “Night Shift” by B.K. Bass, you’ll probably like “What They Deserve” too! The story is set in Seattle, WA and follows Summer Wilkins, the official spokesperson for the New Republic. After a shocking murder rocks the city she must uncover the truth behind the new “Inevix patches” being distributed to the public. Join us today on Twitter at 11am MT for a Q&A with Sam and afterwards, for an open Q&A with all three of us owner/editors. -B.K.,…

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    10% Off Back Issues of the Kyanite Press

    Hello readers! The first two regular issues of the Kyanite Press, along with the Halloween Special Edition and the Fables and Fairy Tales Digest, are 10% off in our web store right now with coupon KPBackIssue at checkout. Get them while supplies last! This is a fantastic time to explore the evolution of the journal and the stories from talented writers like Matthew Standiford, Zachary Ashford, Daniel Gunderson, Hanson Oak, Leo Charles M, Benjamin Hope, Chad D. Christy, Michael Nadeau, K. Baldwin & Lyra Ricci, Professor Cognome, Richard D. Mellinger Jr., Stephen Coghlan, C.L. Schneider & J.R. Swiger, Danielle Ancona, and Paul Blake! Learn more about all our contributors here.

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    Kyanite Press BINGO Starts Today!

    Here’s something you didn’t know you needed: Kyanite Press BINGO! Rules: The BINGO board will be up and “in play” for the next two weeks, ending on Tuesday, February 5th. You have until then to claim a BINGO. As you’ll see, this BINGO board is a little different than standard boards. Each space contains an element or theme from a story in one of the first three issues of the Kyanite Press. Identify the story the element corresponds to and mark the space with the title using your favorite graphic editor or you can even do it on paper and send us a picture. Connect any five spaces and you…

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    Kyanite Kiss Goodbye

    As part of our strategic planning for 2019 and based on feedback from our readers and authors, we are reorganizing our imprints. The most substantial change is that the titles we’ve contracted under Kyanite Kiss will be published under Kyanite Publishing. Kyanite Kiss will cease to exist as of this month. We hope this will eliminate any confusion about science fiction and fantasy being our primary genres at this time. All of the stories we publish with romance elements are also science fiction or fantasy, and we are primarily focused on that readership at this time. Please contact info@kyanitepublishing.com if you’d like additional information about our imprints, catalog, and submissions…

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    Our 2019 Storefront Transition

    As previously announced, we are working on the transition to focusing on our third-party retail partnerships. Our store pages for our books have been taken down. The Kyanite Press will remain available for sale directly from Kyanitepublishing.com. We are in the process of creating landing pages for every book in the catalogue! Please bear with us during this process, which we anticipate will take one to two weeks. Here’s the first one: https://kyanitepublishing.com/home/catalogue/ravencrestomnibusone/

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    Transitioning our Sales and Fulfillment to Retail Partners in 2019

    As of January 1st, 2019 we will no longer be selling our ebooks or our print books on our website. We will continue to sell the Kyanite Press journal of speculative fiction, along with the yearly subscription (which is a steal!). Our decision to direct book buyers to our retail partners was based on several factors, including their ability to fulfill orders even faster than we can. Our readers can expect to find us through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and an indie bookstore near them. Follow our blog for updates as we expand that list! Note on Existing Orders If you’ve pre-ordered an ebook or print book that you have…

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    Press Release 7-11-2018

    JULY 11TH, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KYANITE PUBLISHING LLC, a limited liability company registered in the state of Colorado, announced a soft launch on July 11th, 2018. Their official launch, which will include their Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 titles, will take place on August 11th and 12th, 2018. The Kyanite Publishing LLC Vision: To bring forth thought-provoking and timeless pieces of fiction in the categories of science fiction, fantasy, and horror and provide unparalleled value to authors and readers. Kyanite Publishing LLC is managed by three authors and member-owners. Their names and titles are as follows: Sam Hendricks, Marketing Director and Editor in Chief of Kyanite Glass; B.K. Bass,…