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    Advice from the Acquisitions Editor

    Arguably the most stressful part of an author’s professional career is submitting their work to a publisher, be it a short story for a journal or a manuscript for a novel that took years to craft. Putting your writing out there to be judged by others is said to be like laying one’s soul bare to be picked apart. This metaphor is entirely accurate, as authors pour their heart and soul into their work. As an author and an acquisitions editor, I have perspective from both sides of the desk. I hope that these five pieces of advice will help you on your journey as an author, whether you are…

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    Our 2019 Storefront Transition

    As previously announced, we are working on the transition to focusing on our third-party retail partnerships. Our store pages for our books have been taken down. The Kyanite Press will remain available for sale directly from Kyanitepublishing.com. We are in the process of creating landing pages for every book in the catalogue! Please bear with us during this process, which we anticipate will take one to two weeks. Here’s the first one: https://kyanitepublishing.com/home/catalogue/ravencrestomnibusone/

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    Kyanite Press: Volume 1, Issue 2 – Launching Today

    Volume 1, Issue 2 of the Kyanite Press launches today. This issue takes a look at the human condition from many unique angles and is sure to delight fans of the format. The paperback edition is available for order, and pre-orders will be shipping shortly. The eBook edition has been delayed due to an “extended maintenance window” with our ISBN providor. We do not have an estimate on when this will be resolved, but are working to find a way around the issue. This issue of the Kyanite Press contains some amazing stories that all examine the human condition in one way or another. From the introspective psychology of “The…

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    2018 Open Submission Window Closing Today

    Our 2018 open submissions window is closing today. We would like to take a moment to reflect upon our journey so far, and to thank all those who have come with us on it. In the middle of July, 2018, three intrepid souls kicked off the bold idea of starting a new publishing company that focused on the author, the craft of writing, and seeking out amazing storytelling to share with the world. Since then, Kyanite Publishing has grown to present stories from over sixty authors; and continues to grow. “I’m blown away at the response we received from the writing community as a whole. The level of enthusiasm expressed…

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    Halloween Readings Happening Soon!

    Don’t forget to tune in for some spooktacular storytelling straight from the pages of the Kyanite Press!  Several of our authors will be reading excerpts or entire stories from the issue starting at 5pm PT today! Keep an eye  on our main Twitter account @KyanitePub to find out where to go to listen to each story!

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    Discovering New Worlds – Social Science Fiction

    In the latest addition to the Kyanite Press Online, Editor in Chief B.K. Bass delves into the worlds of Social Science Fiction. Check out this and more genre studies (with short fiction!) in the ongoing column: Discovering New Worlds with B.K. Bass. Social Science Fiction examines sociological, anthropological, and psychological issues as its main focus. The term was coined by Isaac Asimov to define his own work in the 1940’s. At the time, science fiction had consisted mostly of the ‘spaceships and ray guns‘ styles; such as what is often found in planetary romance tales. During the 1940’s, there was a movement spearheaded by the likes of Asimov and Robert A Heinlein to use science fiction as a way…

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    Open Submission Window Closing Soon!

    Our open submission window for this year will be closing in two weeks on November 1st, 2018. The community response to our first open submission window has been overwhelming, and we have been fortunate to receive a very high number of quality submissions as evidenced by our growing lineup of exciting releases scheduled for 2019. We still have around sixty submissions to review, including those we have requested manuscripts for. As we do not out-source consulting services for our acquisitions process, there are only three of us to review these submissions on top of working on the production of upcoming titles. Our decisions on making publishing offers requires a unanimous…

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    The Kyanite Press v1i2, coming November 1st, 2018

    NEXT ISSUE – NOV 1ST! This issue of the Kyanite Press contains some amazing stories that all examine the human condition in one way or another. From the introspective psychology of “The Teacup” by David McAlister to the grand social drama of “Stone Faces” by Marcus Hansson, these stories all examine different facets of our humanity. Be it exploring our deepest fear – the fear of the unknown – or showing how a society of people works together to overcome obstacles. “Worth Dying For” by Chad D. Christy and “Breakpoint” by Darius Jones both explore questions of what makes us human and what we would do to preserve what is…

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    Kyanite Press V1I1 status set to back issue.

    The paperback version of Volume 1, Issue 1 (V1I1) of the Kyanite Press is no longer available for direct order, but can still be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The eBook version is still available for immediate download as a PDF file directly from Kyanite Publishing HERE. We would like to take a moment to thank all of the authors who contributed to this issue and made it a resounding success! Don’t miss our special Halloween edition available now! Our next regular issue will be available on November 1st, and our special Winter Digest is coming on December 1st!

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    Kyanite Press First Issue!

    The first issue of the Kyanite Press is coming out in just a week!  On Saturday, September 1st, 2018, a new speculative fiction journal will be released upon the world! To celebrate, we are giving away a complimentary upgrade to a 1-year print subscription for one person who pre-orders between 8/25/18 and 8/31/18. To be entered in this drawing, all you have to do is follow THIS LINK and pre-order the first issue of the Kyanite Press in print for $8.85.  One lucky reader will get upgraded to the $48.85 value 1-year print subscription for no additional cost! In this premier issue of The Kyanite Press we explore distant worlds…