It’s never too early to start planning for next Halloween, so we’re already opening submissions for the second volume of our highly anticipated, annual Visions of Darkness dark fantasy anthology!
Sharpen your swords and dust off your spellbooks, because it’s time to delve into the shadows and discover what nefarious secrets are hidden within.


Projected publication date: October 2021.
Author compensation: Pro-rata royalties based on word count share, to be paid quarterly.

Submission Guidelines


Word Count: 7,500 – 15,000 words

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Specifically, we’re looking for “traditional” dark fantasy set in a pre-industrial secondary world. Take your medieval fantasy, sword and sorcery, or high fantasy, mix in a liberal helping of horror, and stir until the suspense is unbearable.

We want to see flights of fantasy that invoke an atmosphere of dread. The setting itself doesn’t have to be all gloom, but the story itself needs to delve into the shadows and send chills up our spines. Alternatively, the setting can be one of complete darkness, where there is no hope for a brighter tomorrow and the struggle to survive against the shadows is a daily one.


An introduction is always nice. Have we met, or did somebody refer you to us?

The elevator pitch. In one to three sentences, what’s the story about? What makes it stand apart?

What is the genre, themes, and word count of your manuscript?

The synopsis. In around five-hundred words, summarize the plot of the story and any major character arcs.

Please attach the full manuscript in .doc or .docx format, using standard manuscript formatting (see below).

Only original, unpublished submissions will be considered.

Please send all submissions to
with “Visions of Darkness 2” in the subject line.


Please ensure all submissions are in 12-point Courier or Times New Roman, double spaced, on an 8.5″x11″ layout with 1″ margins all around. Paragraphs should be indented with no extra space between them.

Your legal name, address, email address, and the total word count of the manuscript (rounded to the nearest hundred) should appear on the first page. Your preferred pen name should appear in a byline below the title.

The header should display your surname, the manuscript title, and the page number; starting on the second page.

Please format scene breaks with a # or ***, as line breaks may be confused as formatting errors.

Do not include any extra formatting, such as pre-formatted headings, section breaks, enlarged title fonts, bold title fonts, etc. If you include chapters, two line breaks above and one below the chapter heading is preferred.


Please visit our submissions page for the Kyanite Press if you are interested in submitting novelettes or short fiction for our speculative fiction journal. 

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  Kyanite Publishing, LLC reserves the right to accept or deny any submission based upon any subjective or objective consideration.  Rights to all works remain those of the author until a contract is accepted. If selected, a contract will be offered before any work is published.  Terms of advances, royalties, and other considerations will be negotiated on an individual and confidential basis.  Any and all turnaround times mentioned on this page are estimates only.