The Darkness Returns


Michael D. Nadeau

When an ancient evil is loosed upon the land of Lythinall, a young warrior is swept up in a perilous journey across his homeland to stop it. Drawn into a dangerous prophesy, he travels with the legendary bard Karsis and the Princess of Everknight to realms he never knew existed. They will be tested as hidden forces watch with bated breath, knowing this could be the end.


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Born in the usual way, Michael D. Nadeau found fantasy at the age of 8 with Dungeons and Dragons. He loved being different people and casting magic. By the late 90’s he discovered his love for reading. His favorite teacher gave him her personal books to bring home, and he couldn’t get enough. He had even more ways to explore the great worlds out there, and it was harder and harder to come back.  When he was much older, and had created and destroyed more worlds than he could count, he decided to delve into the literary world. He created Lythinall, a place where he could tell epic stories and invite his readers on the journey with his characters. The Darkness Returns is the start of the journey, but certainly not the end.

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