The Kyanite Press is a bi-monthly journal of speculative fiction. Inside this homage to the pulp magazines of the last century you will find tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the most imaginative authors in the genre.  Every issue is packed with fiction and no outside commercial advertising, just information about Kyanite Publishing books and authors!  Explore amazing new worlds, travel to exotic realms, and delve inside the human mind in ways you will never see anywhere else!


I hope you enjoy reading these tales of dragons ranging from the heartfelt to the hair-raising as much as I enjoyed selecting them, and that they inspire something in your own imagination that helps take you on a journey to that special somewherewe all yearn to visit.

– B.K. Bass, Editor in Chief




The mission of The Kyanite Press is to discover amazing stories in science fiction and fantasy literature and showcase them in the style of the classic pulp magazines.  We seek to feature works that explore important themes, twist genre conventions, and otherwise defy expectations of what speculative fiction is. Our goal is to entertain, amaze, and provoke deep thoughts within our readers.

B.K. Bass, Editor-in-Chief

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This Month’s Feature:

Social Science Fiction examines sociological, anthropological, and psychological issues as its main focus. 

Latest Article:

Since we announced our horror imprint Kyanite Crypt, I’ve been asked many times, “What kind of horror do you publish?”


Releases every January, March, May, July, September, and November. Special Halloween Horror Fest every October!  Special issues, digests, and other publications throughout the year as content and demand dictate.  Keep an eye out for more special issues of the Kyanite Press all year-round!*

*With the exclusion of the October Halloween Special, all special issues, editions, digests, anthologies, and other publications outside of our regular 6-issue release schedule are not included in subscriptions.  Print subscription available only in the continental U.S. due to shipping costs.

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