Returning to the feel of the first ever issue back in September of 2018; rather than having a single theme, we have assembled here a mixture of fantasy, science fiction, and weird tales. Everything from space travel to sword-wielding heroics can be found within these pages. One of the most wonderful outcomes of publishing the journal has been discovering a variety of stories with styles and themes we might have never otherwise dreamed of, and this issue showcases that.

– B.K. Bass, Editor-in-Chief



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Volume Two is coming, and we have some big changes in store for our second year! The Kyanite Press is moving into a quarterly format, and each issue will be over two-hundred pages! We are accepting submissions now until July 31st for the first of these quarterly issues, so keep an eye out for more great stories coming this Autumn! 


We are accepting submissions for Volume 2, Issue 1 of the Kyanite Press. For more information, please visit the submissions page.

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The mission of The Kyanite Press is to discover amazing stories in science fiction and fantasy literature and showcase them in the style of the classic pulp magazines.  We seek to feature works that explore important themes, twist genre conventions, and otherwise defy expectations of what speculative fiction is. Our goal is to entertain, amaze, and provoke deep thoughts within our readers.

B.K. Bass, Editor-in-Chief

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When a mysterious elf and his companion arrive in a small port town, they find more trouble than they bargained for.

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Our very own B.K. Bass reveiws the premier website for all your worldbuilding needs: World Anvil.

The Kyanite Press is a journal of speculative fiction. Inside this homage to the pulp magazines of the last century you will find tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the most imaginative authors in the genre.  Every issue is packed with fiction and no outside commercial advertising, just information about Kyanite Publishing books and authors!  Explore amazing new worlds, travel to exotic realms, and delve inside the human mind in ways you will never see anywhere else!

Starting with Volume 2 (November 2019): Releases quarterly every November, February, May, and August. An annual anthology collecting the year’s content will be released each Autumn. Special issues, digests, and other publications may be released throughout the year as content and demand dictate.
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