The Kyanite Press is a bi-monthly journal of speculative fiction.  Inside this homage to the pulp magazines of the last century you will find tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the most imaginative authors in the genre.  Every issue is packed with fiction and NO commercial advertising, just information about Kyanite Publishing books and authors!  Explore amazing new worlds, travel to exotic realms, and delve inside the human mind in ways you will never see anywhere else!

Release dates every January, March, May, July, September, and November.  Special Halloween Horror Fest every October!  We also offer special issues, digests, and other publications throughout the year as content and demand dictate.  Keep an eye out for more special issues of the Kyanite Press all year-round!*

*With the exclusion of the October Halloween Special, all special issues, editions, digests, anthologies, and other publications outside of our regular 6-issue release schedule are not included in subscriptions.  Print subscription available only in the continental U.S. due to shipping costs.


From gladiatorial combat against alien beasts to existential contemplation, the premier issue of the Kyanite Press is packed cover-to-cover with amazing content.  

Our feature this issue is “Prisoner Zero” by Matthew Standiford, a look at innovative thoughts on crime and punishment in a bleak future.  

Other great stories explore drowned cities, galactic auctions, steampunk adventures, celestial beings debating morality, and a gritty wizard hunting giant roaches in 1933 (“Madness at Miracle Mile” by  Alexander Thomas.)  Don’t miss these and other great stories in the premier issue of the Kyanite Press!



The mission of The Kyanite Press is to discover new talent in science fiction and fantasy literature, showcase this talent, and foster the continued growth of our regular contributors.  We are finding groundbreaking individuals who take everything we love about these genres and spin amazing new tales with meaningful themes.  Our growing family of author-contributors are on the cutting edge of their craft. We look forward to seeing more from them both here and in other formats!

  • B.K. Bass, Editor-in-Chief

If you are interested in learning more about submitting to The Kyanite Press, please visit the submissions page.

Check out our contributors page for information about all of our Kyanite Press authors!



Join us in October for our first annual Halloween special edition!  Tales of spooky suspense, cosmic horror, and macabre murder!  For this issue, Kyanite Press goes dark and features the best horror we can find!  And we found some delighfuly disturbing content for you to enjoy!

“Scolopendra” by Zachary Ashford, our feature story, leads us in with the twisted tale of a trinket that might have been best left undisturbed.  

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The second bi-monthly issue of the Press is lining up to be just as amazing as the first.  The submissions that we are receiving are proving that there is amazing indie talent just waiting for this!  Don’t miss out on this phenomonal new literary journal!  Pre-Order now!



We are very excited about the unexpected bevy of fables, fairy tales, and other whimsical yarns that have flooded our inbox recently.  There were so many, in fact, that we decided to print a special fable and fairy tale themed digest in December! (Non-subscription issue.)

Kyanite Press2

The Kyanite Press Online!

Editor-in-Chief B.K. Bass delves into different sub-genres of speculative fiction, explaining the ins and outs of what defines them.  Then, he lends his skills to writing a short story in that genre himself!

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