The Kyanite Press: Volume 1, Issue 4 (Mar/Apr 2019)


Here there be dragons! From ancient sages of gentle nature to marauding beasts bringing fiery death from the skies, these fantastic creatures are explored in all their glory in eight wonderful stories and one breathtaking poem!

The Kyanite Press

Volume 1, Issue 4
MAR/APR 2019

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The Kyanite Press is a bi-monthly journal of speculative fiction.  Inside this homage to the pulp magazines of the last century you will find tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the most imaginative upcoming indie authors in the genre.  Every issue is packed with fiction and NO commercial advertising, just information about Kyanite Publishing books and authors!  Explore amazing new worlds, travel to exotic realms, and delve inside the human mind in ways you will never see anywhere else!

The Kyanite Press

Release dates every January, March, May, July, September, and November.  Special Halloween Horror Fest every October!

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