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Murder in Mind by Majanka Verstraete

Since witnessing the grisly murder of her parents in 2096, sixteen-year-old Rey has been locked up in a psych ward. Society measures psychological markers to predict violent criminal behavior, and with psych-levels well over 100, she is a danger to the public. She’s spent the last ten years immersed in the self-study of criminology, obsessed with finding the monster who changed her life forever. 

Then her sister, Leiah, shows up with news that another couple has been murdered in the same way as their parents, leaving behind another young victim. Leiah and her team of police request Rey’s help to solve the murder, catch the predator, and bring justice to this family and their own. The answers are buried inside Rey’s mind, but to find the truth, she’ll be forced to remember the night that changed her life forever. And if she believes what society wants her to, then she’s only a small step away from becoming a monster herself.

Genres: Science fiction, thriller, dystopian

Length: Novel, approx. 241 pages

ISBNs: eBook: 978-1-949645-51-4; Paperback: 978-1-949645-49-1; Hardcover: 978-1-949645-50-7

Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover


The Darkness Returns
By Michael D. Nadeau

When an ancient evil is loosed upon the land of Lythinall, a young warrior is swept up in a perilous journey across his homeland to stop it. Drawn into a dangerous prophesy, he travels with the legendary bard Karsis and the Princess of Everknight to realms he never knew existed. They will be tested as hidden forces watch with bated breath, knowing this could be the end.

Ashes of the Fae
By Sophia LeRoux

Leila Davis’ life is hurled into a world of chaos when her daughter goes missing; snatched away by something that defies reason. A mysterious detective, Maddox, is the first to believe her story. He takes a keen interest in her case, and the two work together in an attempt to defy the odds and bring Iris home. But Maddox’s secrets run deeper than the scars of his flesh… Now it’s a race against time as they try and stop who, or what, took her.

By Ryen Lesli

Does she have a secret life? One even she doesn’t know about? Seventeen-year-old River has always felt like she doesn’t belong. It doesn’t help that she sees a light around people that reveals their true nature. When a new kid shows up at school who she can’t read, everything changes. Transported to a new life, River is forced into a dangerous, beautiful world that has been impatiently awaiting her return.


The Last Issue in VOL 1

Kyanite Press: Journal of Speculative Fiction

Returning to the feel of the first ever issue back in September of 2018! Rather than having a single theme, we have assembled here a mixture of fantasy, science fiction, and weird tales. Everything from space travel to sword-wielding heroics can be found within these pages. One of the most wonderful outcomes of publishing the journal has been discovering a variety of stories with styles and themes we might have never otherwise dreamed of, and this issue showcases that.


by John Prescott

Parting the Veil
by B.K. Bass

Loved Mars, Hated the Food
by Willie Handler

Preservation Protocol
by John Prescott

Forgotten Storm
by A.R. Vagnetti

Loved Mars, Hated the Food
by Willie Handler

It Starts With a Kiss
by J.L. Peridot

She Cried Wolf
by Phebe Yawson

Something Deeper
by John Prescott

Feathers and Fae
by Crystal L. Kirkham

What Once Was Home
by B.K. Bass

by Aisha Tritle

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When a mysterious elf and his companion arrive in a small port town, they find more trouble than they bargained for.

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B.K. Bass


Our very own editor, B.K. Bass reviews the premier website for all your worldbuilding needs: World Anvil.

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